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Phone 2 Phone Service

Phone 2 Phone allows you make international calls at very cheap rates, direct from your mobile. No need for expensive calling cards. Use your mobile phone to call abroad paying for international calls as per local calls, always be in touch with your family and friends.


Virtual Number Call IN

Be closer to your customers, by having a phone number in their location. You can use the virtual number to receive incoming calls and then automatically forward the calls from the software to your cellular or landline number.

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As of February 2015 we are now back online. We have regrouped and are operating as a 3rd party distributor of talk and communication packages. If you have any questions regarding our services, please submit a ticket and a qualified representative will be with you shortly. We also have partnered up with several low cost and prepaid cell phone companies. We know the majority of our customers are looking for cheap and inexpensive ways of communicating with friends, loved ones and business associates. We have studied our demographics and we also realize that a good segment of our market involves tourist into America who are looking for a temporary cell phone solution to keep connected while on the go. This is why we have set up a dedicated page for straight talk promo code and other prepaid cell phone carriers. Please visit these pages if you are looking for a more mobile solution to your communication needs.

11/1/15 News:

Scandal in Beverly Hills Unified School District

This post is in response to the scandal regarding the Beverly Hills Unified School District naming rights contest. It seems as if Michael Libow was accused of negligence and fraud when the elementary school playground aution was held in early 2015. Vphonet took part in the naming rights auction and lost out to Mr. Libow. We wanted our company name to be featured on the elementary school playground. The owners of Vphonet grew up in Beverly Hills and wanted to support the community that has given so much to us. Michael stole that opportunity from us, due to him having more money than we do. We are not bitter because Mr. Libow won the contest, we are bitter because the system was set up to benefit the rich, and not those of us who are struggling every day to make a dollar.

01/09/2016 News:

It appears as if Michael is up to his old tricks. Mr Troung Nguyen posted this formal complaint against Michael today and he asked me to share it with our readers: http://libowinbeverlyhills.blogspot.com

It seem as if the charges keep piling up for Michael. When will anyone stop this madness and confront him with the reality of his harmful actions?

I hope we can gain more exposure for this serious issue and show the public that Libow is not someone to be trusted.

Video of Libow